Vw MK1 Radiator Intercooler combo

$520.00 - $675.00
Vw MK1 Radiator Intercooler combo

We offer a radiator intercooler combo using our mk1 non overflow radiator, and some of the best intercooler. ou base kit is good for around 350 hp. our second option is good for 500hp. If you need a kit for more HP we can also do it

This kit has been designed for the 20v platform but can be modified by the clients to suits ALH or other platforms for swap.

Non overflow radiators: this option is for the people who don’t have an expansion tank.

Overflow radiators: this option is for people who want to use an expansion bowl. But we have the ability to add ton your 1.8t and filling point to be able not to use an expansion tanks. Send us an email

What’s included , non overflow or overflow radiators, shroud kit with dual fans, intercooler, mounting plate and all stainless steel hardware

Intercooler specs:
Bar and plate design
End to end length: 24.25"
Core Size: 18" long x 9" high x 2.5" thick
Inlet/outlet diameters: 2.5" Performance:
Supports more than 350 hp
Flows up to 500 cfm
Leak tested at 30 psi

To be noted, this might interfere with AC setups.

This product is made to order and has 15 work days lead time

This product is made for off-road use only and we are not responsible for any results of them being used on public roads