MK1 Raise Strut Mount HD,

MK1 Raise Strut Mount HD,

These mount will add 2'' of travel to your coilover setup. This kit allow you to either run your mk1 lower or compress your coilover 2'' more for better suspension but retain the same ride height. The kit come with a better bushing then oem unit, we teamed up with 034motorsport to offers you there high density bushings. We supply all the stainless steel hardware needed to bolt in the mit to you mk1. We also supply caps for a better overall look in the bay.

These raise strut mounts can replace the factory "early strut mount" with extra suspension travel
***picture is for the painted glossy black option***

the kit can come:
- painted glossy black
- on raw metal, non finish
- with stud like oem
- nuts underneath for better look
This product is meant for off road use only and we are not responsible for any injury cause by the use of this product

This product is made for off-road use only and we are not responsible for any results of them being used on public roads